Soothe anxious feelings with an adorable Worry Pet! They are GREAT listeners! Cradle a special friend in your hand and feel its calming weight while shifting the poly pellets inside. Larger Worry Pets are good for two-handed manipulation. The smallest pets are perfect for tiny hands.


Great for gifting or keeping for yourself. Keep one in your car or at your desk!


Worry Pets from Six Stars come in 3 sizes. Finished sizes and weights are approximately: Large - 4.5", 4 oz Medium - 3.75", 2.5 oz Small - 3", 1 oz. (Refer to photos for a visual comparison of sizes.)


Each Worry Pet is double stitched around, single or double stitched closed, and uses safety eyes. A ribbon loop is added at the top for attaching to a backpack, bag, stroller, wheelchair, etc. Each Worry Pet is filled with plastic pellets enclosed inside an inner bag. You will receive a random Worry Pet in the size you select. Eye color and ribbon style will vary.


As always, care should be taken around young children and others that may be in danger of choking on small objects. Worry Pets are not indestructible! Take care around sharp objects and when being used by anyone who may chew on the fabric as the fabric can be cut or torn. Keep away from pets. Do not pull on eyes. Made from washable materials. Do not iron.

Worry Pets

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